Lilith's story is often told as that of a demon, when her truth was that she wanted to be treated as the equal she knew she was.

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Her story begins at the dawn of humanity as the Great Creator shaped all that existed. 

From the heavens, dust was gathered into the globe that is our planet. Then upon it lands and seas swirled into form. Mountains were raised and rivers were carved. A grand sun was assigned to provide light, and a delicate moon would dance when it rays were gone. 

With this stage now complete the Great Creator filled the Earth with creatures to play upon it. Some lived in the plains and jungles while others swam the oceans or soared in its skies. Some lived alone, some gathered in great numbers. All of them fell into a rhythm and harmony that supported one another and the lands they lived upon and within.

The Creator was content but as all creators do they wanted to create more. So it was that the Creator pondered what it might be like to have some creatures who knew how to be creators in their own sovereign way. 


“Born of me and like me,” the Great Creator thought as they smiled with satisfaction at this possibility.

As they had formed the planet from star dust, now they gathered the dirt upon the Earth and shaped it into the form of a new creature and by its side, another that was different but equal. 

One version of the being would embody power and protection. The other would embody nurturing and birthing. And though each was capable of the other’s virtues their strength would lie within the roles the creator chose for them. To be complete and continue each would need the other.

Born of the creator and like the creator within each was an awareness and consciousness which echoed the very energy from which they were shaped. Each being looked out upon the lands and began to design their place within it.

The one who embodied power and protection foremost was given the name Adam, now the divine expression of the energy known as masculine. The one who embodied nurturing and birthing would be known as Lilith, the first woman and the origin of the divine feminine. 

Companions to one another and yet also their own separate experience, Adam and Lilith played upon the Earth as the Creator watched with curiosity and joy to see how they interacted within this realm. The Creator saw them share new discoveries, care for one another, and discuss new thoughts. There was a harmony to their partnership that allowed their experience to flow with grace.

In their physically intimate moments each would surrender to the full expression of their designated roles. Lilith would lie back, receiving Adam within her, letting his seed become part of her, where it would be nourished. Adam above her would relish his strength as Lilith submitted to him, feeling his might as he entered her and celebrating the gift he would leave within her.

While this is how it seemed to be the natural design of their intimate moments Lilith did not see it as such. So, the next time the moment came to be she did not lie back, instead she asked that Adam do so.

“This is not the way of things,” he declared. “You are the one to submit and receive me. This is how we were designed.”

“Were we not created from the same clay?” Lilith asked and Adam nodded. “Then how can it be that I should submit to you. I will still receive you well enough if you lie beneath me. As I have done for you so too you can do for me.”

Adam did not accept this. He had been granted a role and its expression satisfied him immensely. If Lilith should match his power, then they would blend into the same. No matter how Lilith reasoned with Adam, he could not accept her simple physical act as not being something much grander or threatening to his assignment.

“I accept and understand we have qualities that embrace our differences. However, these things that make us different should not be reason for my inequality,” she stated.

Adam shook his head and Lilith knew there was no room to reason.

“Then I shall leave. I cannot continue with a life that sees me as less than what I am.”

So it was that Lilith left Adam and walked from their life together to seek a new one for herself.


Adam watched Lilith leave their home in Eden and though his heart was heavy he was also certain that she would return. How would she cope without his protection or the comforts that their surrounds provided?

Yet the sun rose and set many times and Lilith did not appear before him.

Adam cried out to the Creator. “How can this be? How can I now be alone?”

The Creator felt Adam’s yearning and sent three angels to summon Lilith back to Eden and Adam’s side. The angels searched and found Lilith upon the shores of the Red Sea. She sat and listened to as they spoke their words.

“Return and all will be well…”

“The first man should have the first woman with him…”

“You have duties to fulfill…”

Lilith looked out upon the majesty of the sea. Its waters had soothed her when she arrived here and continued to do so each day while the seaside was her home. It was so vast and limitless compared to Eden. In the short time she had been there Lilith had created an entirely different life. To return now would be to relinquish all that she had reclaimed for herself. Besides, she now had a new companion, an angel with who she had birthed children.

The angel had found her looking out upon the ocean with tears falling down her face. He could tell though they were not the tears of anguish or torment. Lilith’s tears were of release and relief. The beauty of the sea had reminded her of the divine energies all around her and thus within her. As she surrendered to this remembrance her eyes had released her tears in celebration.

When the angel sat beside her Lilith took his hand and kissed it. 

“Please tell me that you have not forgotten the truth from which you were born?” she asked.

The angel did not reply with words but with an embrace that was pure. Together they now shared experience in a way that Adam could not have imagined.

The three angels sent by the Creator threatened her children should she not return to Adam, but Lilith just laughed at them for she knew her children’s innocence was untouchable.

As Lilith watched the three angels leave the seaside, she felt something surge within her. It was not like the confidence that had allowed her to confront Adam nor the anger that had pushed her to leave Eden. Within her she felt the confirmation that all was as it should be.

Lilith heard soon after that Adam now had a new wife and she rejoiced for him and the woman known as Eve. Their story would soon eclipse hers and Lilith’s would fade into legend, barely mentioned when the beginnings of mankind were told.

When her name was spoken it was layered with darkness and the title demon was placed upon her. Women were told to place amulets near their babies lest the dark woman should hurt their child. Lilith became the model for any woman who did not conform.

All this made Lilith laugh.

If being free made her a demon. So be it.

If being equal made her a demon. So be it.

Shaped of the same clay. Formed of the same energy. Born of the same love.

Lilith would never deny herself these simple truths of her existence.


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